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Sunday, 28 April 2013

sorry for long hibernation!

mama and me have been busy with the class...and mama siad it's difficult for her to update my homeschool blog...

i've finish year one subjects and now doing Al Quran ( reading and hafazan) and year two subject...I'm happy with my class.

mama said now she also need to teach aisyah and time to update this blog...

i'm learning how to update the blog shaa time i will do it..

Monday, 4 February 2013

week 4.

oh, it's been ages since the last update...mama said she is very busy to help me update my school blog, but don't worry, my school is on as usual, mama said, we have our school name change to our fun day!..and i like it...

mama said she will make the update easy now, no more daily update, just the sum of what i learn the whole week, yap that will be easier for her, she is very busy with seminar tho. i dont want her to be tired and sad...

ok the week theme is: pets!/ haiwan peliharaan

i love this topic sooo much because, i have my own pet. i have fish pet and i love the...

Mama told me about the rasullullah with his cat mueeza, then how we muslim have to be kind to living animals. there are lots of story mam told me( hadiths) and it make me love my pets even more. now i know that cat is not filthy, you know that prophet muhammad even take wuduk from the water that cat already drink? now everytime i saw a cat ,i will go there to pat him i know i got a rewads because that's a sunnah ;-)

oh how prophet muhammad is ever so kind...i want to see him...
then we have a puppet show, it' about tiger and cow, it's so funny and i love the story so much!

im the cow and aisyah is the tiger!
then i learn to clean my fish tank and learn how to take care of my fish my self. before this mama will do it for me, now i can do it myself!

then i draw my pet and make a very short note about it!

this is teal!

mama said it is very important to follow the sunnah, so from this week i will learn 1 doa that rasullullah read to do his daily work and this week mama teach me a doa to enter the toilet.

the mama said we have to always make doa, so before we start learning we should read a doa too, so im learning this ;-)

doa before i start my class, and see my arabic writing, mama said it was beautiful, Alhamdullilllah, mashaa allah

then mama said, how Allah love me so much, Allah give me nose!, i want to know how nose work, so mama let me watch the in youtube

then we have this activity, to show me how nose help to shape our face ;-)

mama ask me to write the nose function and i did it very well!

you know that pets need food? and mama ask me to do this, it's call pet food math!, i'm doing my math!

Aisyah being a reporter with her nice ping pong ball mic!

then i ask mama if i can make my own sling shot as my crwative activity and she said YES!

 tadaaaa!'s done! and it can go quite far!

we make some cookies to for our activity and this time mama help us to make nestum cookies!, then decorate it with melted white choc and some sprinkle!

this week we went back to kampung for a holiday, so mama make a special trip for me to go to the river...the water is ever so cold and i've make a dam for the small stream!

this is in slim river it's call sungai Bill ;-)

this week is so special to, it's the prophet muhammad birth i feel so happy and we learn how to do the selawat nasyid and we will sing it in the car everytime we go out!

what a wonderful week...i love my school and my pets too!

thank you mama!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Week 3, day 4

Early in the morning, after practicing my bike ride, mama ask me to help her to cut out some banana leaf. i still dont' know what's we going to do, but im sure it will be fun!

then mama make this for us!, the banana stem stamp!

opss! there is still more paint left, so i want to make hand stamp instead!

today, mama let me and others to play in the pool again!, then after finish, i went inside and have a rest for 20 min, mama let me watch some abney and teal before starting the class.

the last critical thinking activity for this week school, is to tink how to make our public transportation become better.

i do some Quran Reading and hafazan in day time because mama is a bit tired at night. she need to make the seminar preparation.

in the evening, abah bring me to his office, there i have an awesome adventure, mama ask me to send a key to my father, i need to find the way just using the direction given by my mom, it's the first time i went into the elevator without my parents!

abah new office is pretty!

i love the adventure and really happy that i did found abah, well, i did get lost and i ask somebody to help me. thank you sir!

then i went to the UTM park, there i ride my bike and the school end with a very happy feelings!

week 3, day 3

Today, mama said it will be a very special morning, we going to find some rocks and abah let us use trolley, yap it's my old trolley.

then we make this, remember the day when i make my special public transportation?, now is time to make the road, using this snall rocks!, it was fun!


then we went inside the house, have our bath and mama is asking me about the differences between bus and train. this is good for critical thinking!

then it's time for art and craft, today im making the sea transpotation, im making the boats!

mama ask me to read about public transportation story from the net, i read it very well!

that's all for school today, what a fun day especially the road making!

week 3 , day 2

what a wonderful morning, as usual, mam bring me and aiysh and not to forget, faris too , to buy some kueh for breakfast, then we saw a teksi ( texi) park just next to the road, mama ask permission from the owner, for me and aisyah to look inside and around the teksi, ops ,no picture, mama forgot to bring the camerea!..

from there, i learn that teksi have special color, this one is red, then there is a special meter inside and on the door there is labet written the name of the owner, this teksi belongs to, salin bin mahmood!

we have our breakfast infront of our house, then is time to take a bath, it's pool day, we having so much fun!

then after 10 minutes rest, mama ask me to do some critical thinking taks, find the similarity between bus and train.

mama said i gotlots of ideas, but we only need to write down 4 and it was fun thinking about it!

then i make some math in my math book,

our creative activity for today is making lizard from looies stick and pie cleaner.

then im learning about rounding up numbers, i already know how to round up number to nearest single ant ten and also hundras, then mama teach me to round the numbers to nearest thousand and tens thousand.

then it's time to do some drawing, i draw my transport in jannah, the how i want it, the flying horse.

that's the end of my school today, it was fun too!

week 3, day 1

Alhamdullillah, it's already week 3 of my school and this week theme is


this worming, i woke up early and did not sleep after my fajar prayers, so mama let me practice my bicycle outside with my sister. then we went to buy some breakfast.

after we have our breakfast and have our morning bath, mama let us watch this.

now i know the type of public transportation available in malaysia.

then mama give me this to do

 look at my hand writing, mama said it a bit to big for the ant but not for human eyes!...mama is very funny!

then mama give me to read

and i make a video for reading the doa menaiki kenderaan.

then later in the evening after my lunch and nap, mama give me this, a box and alot of color paper, mama ask me to create a public transport, and i make this!

then, i went outside to play my bike, it was fun!, then i want to do some coloring, mam give me this picture, see, Alhamdullillah, i can colour very weel now ;-)

another day of school and it was fun!

thanks mama.