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Friday, 18 January 2013

week 3 , day 2

what a wonderful morning, as usual, mam bring me and aiysh and not to forget, faris too , to buy some kueh for breakfast, then we saw a teksi ( texi) park just next to the road, mama ask permission from the owner, for me and aisyah to look inside and around the teksi, ops ,no picture, mama forgot to bring the camerea!..

from there, i learn that teksi have special color, this one is red, then there is a special meter inside and on the door there is labet written the name of the owner, this teksi belongs to, salin bin mahmood!

we have our breakfast infront of our house, then is time to take a bath, it's pool day, we having so much fun!

then after 10 minutes rest, mama ask me to do some critical thinking taks, find the similarity between bus and train.

mama said i gotlots of ideas, but we only need to write down 4 and it was fun thinking about it!

then i make some math in my math book,

our creative activity for today is making lizard from looies stick and pie cleaner.

then im learning about rounding up numbers, i already know how to round up number to nearest single ant ten and also hundras, then mama teach me to round the numbers to nearest thousand and tens thousand.

then it's time to do some drawing, i draw my transport in jannah, the how i want it, the flying horse.

that's the end of my school today, it was fun too!

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