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Friday, 18 January 2013

week 3, day 1

Alhamdullillah, it's already week 3 of my school and this week theme is


this worming, i woke up early and did not sleep after my fajar prayers, so mama let me practice my bicycle outside with my sister. then we went to buy some breakfast.

after we have our breakfast and have our morning bath, mama let us watch this.

now i know the type of public transportation available in malaysia.

then mama give me this to do

 look at my hand writing, mama said it a bit to big for the ant but not for human eyes!...mama is very funny!

then mama give me to read

and i make a video for reading the doa menaiki kenderaan.

then later in the evening after my lunch and nap, mama give me this, a box and alot of color paper, mama ask me to create a public transport, and i make this!

then, i went outside to play my bike, it was fun!, then i want to do some coloring, mam give me this picture, see, Alhamdullillah, i can colour very weel now ;-)

another day of school and it was fun!

thanks mama.

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