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Friday, 18 January 2013

Week 3, day 4

Early in the morning, after practicing my bike ride, mama ask me to help her to cut out some banana leaf. i still dont' know what's we going to do, but im sure it will be fun!

then mama make this for us!, the banana stem stamp!

opss! there is still more paint left, so i want to make hand stamp instead!

today, mama let me and others to play in the pool again!, then after finish, i went inside and have a rest for 20 min, mama let me watch some abney and teal before starting the class.

the last critical thinking activity for this week school, is to tink how to make our public transportation become better.

i do some Quran Reading and hafazan in day time because mama is a bit tired at night. she need to make the seminar preparation.

in the evening, abah bring me to his office, there i have an awesome adventure, mama ask me to send a key to my father, i need to find the way just using the direction given by my mom, it's the first time i went into the elevator without my parents!

abah new office is pretty!

i love the adventure and really happy that i did found abah, well, i did get lost and i ask somebody to help me. thank you sir!

then i went to the UTM park, there i ride my bike and the school end with a very happy feelings!

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